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Sociedade Recreativa


| Electro - Brazil

A must listen mix of traditional music of Brazil with urban cultures like hip-hop, dub and bass music. Sociedade Recreativa emerges as the encounter of the Brazilian troubadours of Forró de Rebeca with global beats ambassador Maga Bo. Hybrid and eclectic, their music explore a wide range of sensations based on the juxtaposition of electronic textures and the original sounds of traditional instruments such as berimbau, rabeca and cavaquinho.

After conquering the charts and receiving international commend from the critics for their debut album released in 2016, the refreshing electropical ... soundsystem is back with more futuristic roots music from Brazil.

The experience of touring worldwide brings to life a second album, more calibrated for the dancefloor. Those 10 tracks reveals an unsuspected sonic territory where the sophistication of traditional music combines with the might of urban cultures like hip-hop, dub or Bass Music.

Afro-Brazilian incantations supported by futuristic beats, samba tunes diverted with overpowering bass, amplified Native American rituals based on digital effects, "Sociativa" demonstrates once again the ability of the group to magnify the tradition by the electronic.

In a mixed and politically threatened Brazil, Sociedade Recreativa’s artistic approach is an act of resistance. A snub to the racist and belligerent speech of the current president, who displays an undisguised contempt for Afro-descendant and Native American cultures.

Sociedade Recreativa will be touring worldwide in 2019 starring musical producer Maga Bo on live PA, multi-instrumentist Pai Véio on strings and drums, Seu Matuto on vocals and also introducing female singer and dancer Tereza Azevedo.

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