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| Industrial Metal - France

SCHULTZ is a solo project born in 2002 in France but the project really took‐off in 2006, when Schultz joined VDREY. (www.vdrey.canalblog.com ) a talented painter and on‐stage performer, who was herself looking for a musician to perform with.
Since then, they have been performing on stage together, Schultz playing his harsh‐industrial music Live and VDREY painting erotic and fetish oriented shapes in lot of European countries like Germany, U.K, France, Poland, Latvia, Belgium ,Italy, Swiss, Spain and many more in lot of music and art events. They have worked together from 2002 to ... 2014.
After a break between 2014 and 2017 SCHULTZ released in 2017 on the DBSP label with his partner VDREY always in a more electro / industrial style, the artist thinks how to define a new sound for his works without idea at this time if a new album was born from this reflection.
In Feb 2018 the opened for Clan of Xymox and Dirk Irvens at Industrial Festival in Cannes France. At this occasion he presented a new line up with VDREY but also new partners as GUITARF0X (guitar) and SANDY DYNAMITE (dance performance).
In March 2018 the played in Toulouse with the same line up (excepted VDREY) and decide to work on a new album.
This new album called “Shot Of Pain” was released the 06 th May 2019.
They decided in 2020 to work on a new album , released the 01 May 2020 called "Black Magic Party".

FRANZ SCHULTZ (electronics/voice)
GUITARF0X (guitar/voice)
SANDY DYNAMITE (dance/voice/performance)

2004: 26.05.02 (demo)
2007: BioMeKaniKal (Urgence Disk Records)
2008: Psykiatrik Area (SMK)
2009: 26.05.02 Ext. (Meka), La mort Ep (Ikultura)
2010: War N’ Sex (SMK)
2011: SCHULTZ (G&H)
2012: White Box (Het Donkse Oog), White Blood Cells (het Donkse Oog)
2014: Animals are better than Humans (Danse Macabre Records)
2017 :Raw Fucking Power feat. VDREY (DSBP Records)
2019:Shot Of Pain
2020:Black Magic Party (Hermès Records)

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