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Vinyle 33T | Breath. LP


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Offshore Drills


| Jazz Fusion - France (Paris - Hamburg)

Based in Paris, Offshore Drills is a colaborative instrumental band mainly producing smoky tunes and dark soundtracks for video projects. The soul of their music comes from the heavily reverberated guitars of french arranger Thomas Desjardin and the venomous vibrations of moroccan violin player Anas Lamtaouech.

The collective started producting soundtracks for short films back in 2014 and then recruited new members to and enrich its sound.
Current members :
Thomas Desjardin : Guitar, Bass, Synth, Harmonica, Kalimba
Anas Lamtaouech : Violin, Percussions
Mathieu Bossardt : Drums, ... Machines
Olivier Vallery : Saxophone
Romain Mariani : Keyboards
Nathan Brunet : Solo Guitar
Man'Go : Beatbox
Julien Machet : Percussions
Guillaume Gauthier : Flute

OFFSHORE DRILLS released his debut "RED BLUES " EP on May 2016. The band then fully focused on the recordings a debut album ‘’BREATH’’ that was out on June 2018. This reccord is avaible on 12” vinyl limitied edition. On this album, the band further develops its sound while keeping its signature vibe : field reccordings, heavy bass lines, echoing guitars, elegant saxophones and a lot of delays and dark atmospheres...

BREATH. is kind of a genre breaking piece, standing between soft psych-rock, modern jazz, trip-hop and dub vibrations. This 9 songs reccord contains powerfull and evocative themes that allow it’s listeners to freely aknoledge he story beside each track.
Listening to Offshore Drills is like entering a new world of unmapped soundscapes an this debut album is simply a mindblowing journey through experimentation....

The band is currently focused on the reccording for his next 2 releases and looking further to 2019-2020. See you soon then !

Bandcamp: https://offshoredrills.bandcamp.com/
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/2NYGP9nJ7vpXYERfj6VHhj
Deezer : https://www.deezer.com/en/album/65738532
AppleMusic : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/offshore-drills/1397994809
Youtube : youtube.com/channel/UCCTsHmraLoDvsXXijKC5RUA
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/offshore-drills

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