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| Pop Punk - France (Bordeaux)

members :
Ben Pommier lead Vocals
Quentin Schrub Bass/vocals
Alexander Doran Lead Guitar

Kids in motion is a 4 piece punk-rock band from Bordeaux, France. After separate successful music experiences, Ben(vocals), Quentin(bass) and Alex(guitar) decided to begin a new musical project in 2016. They were shortly joined by drummer Pierre-Jean. Their eclectic musical backgrounds reflect on their sound. Their music offers a strong blend between heavy rhythms, spacey and melodic guitars with catchy choruses while associated with honest introspective lyrics. As they draw their influences from ... the post hardcore, emo and pop-punk scenes. Their energetic and heartfelt live performances highlight perfectly their signature sound in order to share an intense moment in time with their audience. They released their first cover of the Malcolm in the middle song (originally performed by They might be giants) after working with Bert and Eric Poncet from Alias Studio and Chunk No Captain Chunk. Their first EP is due November 30th and they are currently working on their first full-length. Ultimately through a chord, a melody or a lyric their music will bring emotion and lift spirits.

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