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Ele Ypsis


| UFO - Belgium (Brussels)

" abyssal recreation of a cosmic inspiration"
-Ele Ypsis

From the Myst of nowhere, our modestly tortured self's and exuberant aspiration reaching for other rather than others has spitted into the realm of reality for a short while, enough to skim trough the endless noise of the suiting comfort of everyday emptiness, our short strike at nothing and it's repercussion trough the unknown. The gentle side of ambiguous creativity crosses our lack of love for anything other, a spiral's ambitions to an elliptic future in our "love work", timeless for a while yet seasoned by theme and abstract by ... choice, an abyssal music for no one other than nobody, about nothing other than everything else, our occult look at it, sensible touch and our imperishable ambition to translate it in the purest emotions, our take on something we tried to make differently different.
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