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Ele Ypsis


| UFO - Belgium (Brussels)

" abyssal recreation of a cosmic inspiration"
-Ele Ypsis

"With stunning aesthetic visuals provided by Svartaphotography, the ethereal vision of Ele Ypsis collapses and is built up within their latest album “Meiosis“. Musically it would not stand on its own with just the percussive IDM and breakbeat sounds, ambient it’d be a shell of what it could be – together with Laure Le Prunenec’s vocals – everything starts and ends in total disharmonious harmony. A double-edged metaphysical sword thrust deep within yourself. What a marvelous piece of music everything on this album is. ... One can not, however, underestimate Stélian Derenne’s craftiness when it comes to the musical composition, as the vocals benefit largely from that suspicious and ever changing atmosphere." Mag

"...Méiose vient contre le processus de création a produit des noms disparates comme Dead Can Dance ou Debussy , par exemple, et affirme la double nature de la musique d' avant-garde , avec un son incroyablement unique..."
-Threshold Magazine

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