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| Rock - Poland (Kielce)

Band firstly formed back at late 90's by Marcin Wika, Krzysztof Kowal and Przemek Baran. Arter first year they released a first demo included 4 songs. Since that moment they have played lots of shows mainly in pubs or clubs. As a final show they have played a live show in Radio Kielce and that show has been recorded. Unfortunately soon after that the band have decided to take a break not nowing for what reason.

In 2012 Marcin, Krzysiek and Przemek decided to start the band again creating new songs together with a new vocal (Sebastian Serwilski) and solo guitar (Eant Clistwood). Soon after ... that another change came by bringing Hubert Lemiecha to the vocal. Sebastian is still a member of a band as he writes all the lirycs.

Since November 2014 they have started to record some new songs and to one of them "Matka" they have made a video.

On May 2015 they have played on a festival together with bands like: The Animals, Mech, Artur Brown, The Cell czy Eric Bell. At the same time they were nominated for a Best Hard Rock/Metal and they have won that reward two times in a row in2015 and 2016.

In 2016 they have released their first EP with four tracks called "Bona Fide" and soon after that another change came with Dariusz Piątkowski as a solo guitarist. The end of the 2016 Authority made a tour roun Poland together wit the Chech band The Snuff, promoting their EP. The begining of the 2017 brought several concerts together with a polish band Cochise.

At the begining of the 2017 they were also offerd to work with american producer Jeffro Lackscheide. Since that they heve started to recored some new song for their second relese.

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